Looking good is the best revenge - the swimsuit edition

Published 27, Jun, 2016
Author // Philip Minaker - Style

PositiveLite.com's Philip Minaker with some easy ways to feel and look really, really good this summer.

Looking good is the best revenge - the swimsuit edition

It’s really no big secret. The key to really looking great is to feel great. And since summer is now upon us, there is an easy remedy to mutually spark up the external and internal you. Simply dive into the great outdoors and soak up some of that sun!

Besides transforming your skin color from pasty white to a flattering tan, your body also naturally absorbs a healthy dose of the Sunshine Vitamin known as Vitamin D. Mild sun exposure can indeed boost the immune system, warding off a multitude of diseases like cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Your brain and nervous system also benefit. The big “D” also helps maintain the health of teeth and bones.

Adding an outdoor sport can enable you to maximize the benefits of the great outdoors. Cycling, swimming, beach volleyball or even lengthy walks are a few options that all have their merits. The big question  - and I know you are thinking it - is what to wear?

"Besides a swimsuit, the best accessory is a sensible perspective. Prevent burning by creating a solid base with limited time in direct sunlight and use a sunscreen product for long times in the sun."

Well there are plenty of options. This season swimwear is as diverse as the multitude of occasions you might want to don one for. From brief silhouettes (think speedo or “mankini”) for sunbathing or swimming to walking shorts (aka board shorts) that best suit more rigorous activities and can also pass as street wear.

Square cut trunks, whether fitted or loose and in a variety of lengths, are the most popular silhouettes featured on the global runways for summer 2016. Trimmings, appliques and mesh panels all create eye-catching options that may just bring some sexy back! Bright prints and solids lend themselves to a more whimsical approach that just might make you all the more approachable. Tone on tone looks offer a more sophisticated approach especially in the darker hues and can be more slimming or elongating, depending on the direction of the panels.

Regardless of the silhouette, always opt for something with a built in liner. This has a dual purpose. First, it serves as a hygienic aid preventing rashes or possible yeast infections (yes men can fall victim too). Second, it provides support that will come in handy during rigorous activities and prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunction issues that might occur without a means of support.

The attached pics highlight the various silhouettes and although black is a clear favorite, this is in no way a snub to going for color. That option (as well as tattoos) is totally up to your own comfort zone and physical attributes or shortcomings.

Besides a swimsuit, the best accessory is a sensible perspective. Prevent burning by creating a solid base with limited time in direct sunlight and use a sunscreen product for long times in the sun. Moisturizers help nourish the skin and prevent premature aging that can occur from too much exposure.

If you should happen to get sunburn, Epsom salts in your bath water can help soothe the skin. Aloe Vera is also a solid option in minimalizing the impact of too much sun. Choose food groups that also rehydrate, replenish and complement your summer fun. During the cooler seasons Vitamin D drops are an excellent way to retain skin tone and maintain a healthy glow which will also benefit you internally.

Silver Screen legend Tony Curtis coined the phrase, “Looking good is the best revenge” and there is no easier way to do that than by catching some summer rays while following  a healthy regime which will benefit you throughout the year.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!

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Philip Minaker - Style

Philip Minaker - Style

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