Homoerotic Underwear Ads, Part Two

Published 22, Jun, 2012

Bob Leahy says "we are not all about HIV. We have regular lives. Some of us even wear underwear. Some of us think images of scantily clothed men are - errmm - titillating."

Homoerotic Underwear Ads, Part  Two

You can read Part One in this series here

You may ask why we occasionally feature  underwear ads on PositiveLite.com  - the answer is a resounding "duh"! Simply put, we are not all about HIV.  We have regular lives.  Some of us even wear underwear. Some of us think images of scantily clothed men are  - errmm - titillating.

I remember going out to the bar, when I used to go out to bars, typically we did not wear underwear. It felt hot, a gay thing, somehow connected to the rituals of courtship.

We have a lot of gay men who visit this site.  In fact the cadre of poz folks in Canada is predominantly gay.  And, we suspect, gay men like underwear ads, at least if they are titillating, as most are.

Maybe women do too.

I’m sure I’m  not the only gay man who had more than a passing interest in my youth, although it kind of died and now underwear is essentially something that ‘s practical when it’s not saggy, and often bought at Sears, where designer labels like those featured today are markedly absent. But for some – there are countless websites devoted to this - men’s underwear is a huge fetish.  I’m guessing that to that randy bunch, homoerotic ads like this must be very appealing.  For others, the ads are something that catches your eye perhaps, raises an eyebrow maybe, and makes you smile at the nakedness.

Many (most?) campaigns clearly appeal directly to the gay market. The C-IN2 one I featured in Part One of this series (follow the link above) is a prime example  It clearly has a very strong gay porn sensibility.

Then there’s the Andrew Christian brand featured in today's video.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously but it too references gay porn, in  lhis case locker room scenes, in spades, and in a very knowing - and funny - way.  Watch the video below, or watch the uncensored versions of other highly sexualized Andrew Christian videos here. But be aware that, depending on where you are employed, we are definitely wandering in to NSFW territory here.

Be amused, be aroused – your choice.