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Don Short: stories in transit

Don Short: stories in transit

I always enjoyed a good story. In the province of my youth, they call it spinning a yarn.

Whenever a story is shared, a truth, insight or perception is often picked up by the reader, even if unintentional of the author. That’s the power of words.

Words became more significant to me when I was hit hard with a series of traumatic events. Life can be tricky and messy. Job loss silenced me, along with bullying and harassment, broken relationships, numerous deaths, and isolation. I joined a therapy writing group and as words spilled out the hurt, I moved toward the art of writing for needed healing solace, inspiration, and direction. What surprisingly emerged was resurrected joy and a bunch of creative non-fiction.

My former blog Don Short: Life in Transit is still intact but now renamed Don Short: Stories in Transit. I will be posting stories that are true or imaginary, not in real-time sequence. They will relate to HIV because I, the writer, am HIV positive. Don’t assume they are all about me if I use the first person. I bring in the experiences of others to bring relevance to what I am trying to say. 

 I hope the writing will resonate and inspire as I share my stories in transit.