Check it out!!! 2016 fall styles!!!

Published 28, Oct, 2016
Author // Philip Minaker - Style's Philip Minaker with an overview of 2016 fall fashion trends.

Check it out!!! 2016 fall styles!!!

A new season has arrived and that means a new approach to dressing. For many, Fall denotes change and new beginnings. Commencing a new academic year during our youth is probably the reason why many of us have taken a particular shining to Fall. Despite the anxieties that we may have initially experienced, including what to wear, we began to embrace the possibilities of new opportunities enthusiastically as the years advanced.

For many, translating fashion into personal style is a process, like our education, that evolves with time.

The change in weather, lifestyle demands, fashion trends, knowing your self (inside & out) all factor into defining your own true sense of style. Deciding what truly works for you creates a comfort zone that enables your wardrobe to serve as an introduction to others without having to say a word.

Season after season, global designers offer an array of influences that are created to reflect the times in which we live. Each collection also interprets their pieces as an evolution of the label they represent. Fashion is a business and the competition is fierce. Colors, silhouettes, proportions and even various themes resurface from time to time. Techno, arty, sporty, romantic, destination/ethnic or even historic eras are woven into collections with hopes of generating appeal. Each theme is reinvented giving them a new slant making them all the more current, relevant and fresh.

Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at the key themes being offered this season. Let’s start with a look at checks, plaids and tartans…

Whether the influence is sophisticated, classic, youth inspired, a revisited trend from years gone by or simply bold or subtle patterns one can easily spark up ones’ wardrobe simply by adding a piece or two. Pattern play is a sure fire way to update classic tartans, plaids and checks and add mileage to treasured pieces already in your wardrobe.

Wearing a variety of patterns together can initially be quite a science project! The solution is to find a primary color that is predominant in each piece you team up. It’s actually fairly easy to do. Creating a more unique look that coincides with your own sense of style can keep you on trend and yet maintain your individuality.

And regardless of the various sizes of the patterns having a color (or two) that is predominant in all the pieces can easily pull an outfit together ever so smartly. The pieces can also be separated and worn with solids or transferred from business to casual adding depth to ones wardrobe possibilities.

A checked blazer teamed up with jeans or worn with matching trousers is a perfect example of extending the variables. Two printed tops can bring back a Grunge flashback that can be fun for a night out. Wearing one under a suit can make a boardroom presentation all the more upbeat!

Opting for bright colors or more somber ones can also amp up or down this concept. Again the idea is to find key pieces that you will feel great wearing and that will compliment your practical needs as well. Perhaps a family tartan can be integrated into your wardrobe creating an easy topic of discussion or added source of comfort during those cold winter days.

The idea of using a bold pattern as an outerwear piece, complete with scarf and hat, can make your daily commutes an adventure that may even cheer up others and garner you favorable attention. Again you can make this piece sophisticated or funky simply by how you accessorize it. Hats, eyewear, scarves, shoes or boots are perfect options to add depth and versatility to your wardrobe pieces.

Whether you go mad for plaid or inject a few key pieces into your wardrobe this trend is a sure fire way to brighten up the coming months!

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Philip Minaker - Style

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