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Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker has been a regular contributor to since its inception in 2009.  Many of his pieces on fashion, style and pop culture for have also been reposted on numerous sites around the world. 

Being diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1983 (when it was literally a death sentence) he initially chose to keep it to himself and continued to forge an extensive career in the fashion industry. It was not until the death of his grandmother (the love of his life), also in 2009, that he became comfortable with the idea of coming out regarding his HIV status. “For me, it was yet another ordeal I had to learn to live with while I continued to hope for better days ahead. Like other unpredictable and disturbing events that had occurred in my life, I have done my best to not let it fully define or consume me. I have however, recognized it as a part of who I am and made the necessary concessions over the years in my efforts to live a fulfilling, productive and happy life.” Philip has now been “undetectable” for nearly ten years. 

He officially moved from Winnipeg to Toronto in 1990 and continues to make a life for himself, which is an ongoing work in progress. Recently, Philip chose to combine his professional and personal passions into the pet industry by forging a unique ambience and perspective in managing and buying for an independently owned full service pet shop, naturally, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. He is having the time of his life!


The Color Remedy

Tuesday, 17 November 2009 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Philip Minaker

electing the right colors to integrate into ones wardrobe is not rocket science and yet so many fail miserably.


Selecting the right colors to integrate into ones wardrobe is not rocket science and yet so many fail miserably. Excuses vary but the blame rides on their shoulders. Regardless of ones current sense of well being, color options can either deplete or enhance ones appearance. We are naturally partial to certain colors but selecting the most conducive ones requires some objectivity and a little experimentation.
A sure fire remedy that will enhance your look is the mirror test. Place the item directly under your jaw and look into a mirror. Seeing paler or blotchy skin looking back at you is definitely a “no” rather than a “go”.  Continue this test over and over until you are happy with the results. Eventually you will discover shades of colors that will flatter your skin tone and garner the right kind of attention. If a hue doesn’t work, you can still use it as a layering piece over ones that are closer to your skin and more compatible to you. The key point here is to expand on shades that enhance you and then integrate them into your wardrobe options. You will discover combinations that you may not have originally considered that will build on your individual sense of style.
Working with various shades of your eye color and/or hair color will also achieve favorable results but always remember skin tone first and foremost.  Utilizing your hair color into clothing options works wonders in framing your face. When it comes to eye color opting for navy, forest green or dark brown can be more color friendly than black. Making your eyes “pop” is a good thing, Martha! Venturing into these color options will help direct others to focus on your face. This is crucial for job interviews or other moments when you really want to get your message across. 
Day after day and season after season this color remedy will become second nature as part of your daily ritual to looking your personal best. Getting unexpected yet sincere compliments will also act as positive reinforcement for taking the time to experiment with color. 
 Planning your wardrobe is like planning a menu. Make decisions after you explore your options and then build from there. You will eventually have pieces in your wardrobe that will stand the test of time for years to come. Developing a true taste for color requires a little effort but eventually you will consistently pass with flying colors.