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Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker

Philip Minaker has been a regular contributor to since its inception in 2009.  Many of his pieces on fashion, style and pop culture for have also been reposted on numerous sites around the world. 

Being diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1983 (when it was literally a death sentence) he initially chose to keep it to himself and continued to forge an extensive career in the fashion industry. It was not until the death of his grandmother (the love of his life), also in 2009, that he became comfortable with the idea of coming out regarding his HIV status. “For me, it was yet another ordeal I had to learn to live with while I continued to hope for better days ahead. Like other unpredictable and disturbing events that had occurred in my life, I have done my best to not let it fully define or consume me. I have however, recognized it as a part of who I am and made the necessary concessions over the years in my efforts to live a fulfilling, productive and happy life.” Philip has now been “undetectable” for nearly ten years. 

He officially moved from Winnipeg to Toronto in 1990 and continues to make a life for himself, which is an ongoing work in progress. Recently, Philip chose to combine his professional and personal passions into the pet industry by forging a unique ambience and perspective in managing and buying for an independently owned full service pet shop, naturally, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. He is having the time of his life!


C.mon. Lighten up!

Monday, 12 May 2014 Written by // Philip Minaker - Style Categories // Lifestyle, Philip Minaker

Fashion news. Philip Minaker says its spring - and what better way to celebrate a new season than to spark up your look

C.mon. Lighten up!

Rejoice! After that long and nasty winter we all endured in southern Ontario, spring has finally arrived. And what better way to celebrate a new season than to spark up your look.

There is an abundance of exciting colours this year that can easily transform your dull drab look and attitude into the effervescent being you are indeed meant to be. Whether you decide to mix a variety of bold colors together or simply opt for a floral shirt that can work wonders under a suit or liven up your favorite denims it’s time to show off your lighter side. 

A good friend recently returned from a month long vaycay in Europe and was quick to report the abundance of colored denims on many men and women seen about the cities he toured. A pair (or two) of bold colored jeans could be a great foundation to build a summer wardrobe that would easily integrate and liven up those tried and true pieces from seasons past. It is also a great way to go for colour without worrying about how it works with your skin tone. Tops can then be more geared to complimenting your skin tone and physique while easily complimenting your vibrant new trousers. 

There is also a more relaxed way to dressing this season that draws on tried and true silhouettes and key looks from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Unstructured bowling shirts or floral Hawaiian inspired shirts are easy breezy pieces that reflect the vibe of no fuss dressing that will also help to keep you cool and carefree during the hotter months ahead. Elvis Presley is a key icon that reflects this look and adds an element of understated sexiness to it by means of his own nature of defying conventional attitudes. No swivel hips required! 

Bold prints inspired from the 60’s can be groovy alternatives that are sure-fire pieces guaranteed to shed your wallflower image and draw others to you like a moth to a flame.

Regardless of whether you get your inspiration from Austin Powers, the Beatles or the rebellious youth of the 60’s this could be the summer of gaining a whole new perspective on celebrating the individual you are. All those self-help books that strive to unleash your inhibitions and guide you to love yourself for who you are now have the visual assistance of fashion designers this season. You may even start chanting, “I am what I am” in the process. 

Pantone has created a color wheel for Spring/Summer 2014 that you can use as your guide to mixing colors together or selecting ones to tie in with primary or pastel shades to create your own sense of style best suited to your own comfort zone and income. Physique, skin tone, age and lifestyle all need to be considered in your personal formula to create your own sense of style that reflects a more upbeat and optimistic attitude guaranteed to make this a season you will long remember and cherish for years to come.

Shine bright like a diamond and yes indeedy…C’mon. Lighten Up!