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Billy Santo

Billy Santo

I am 25 Years old and live in Quezon City in the Philippines. I was diagnosed with HIV in May 2015. I have never written about it before but want people living with HIV to share my experiences, learn how I have faced my challenges and follow a path to a long and healthy life.


The inner beauty

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 Categories // African, Caribbean and Black, Youth, Billy Santo, International , Living with HIV, Opinion Pieces, Population Specific

Billy Santo says it’s what’s inside that counts. If we seek peace in ourselves that is the way to be truly happy. Acceptance of yourself and inner peace will make you reach your full potential.

The inner beauty

Good morning

Every day I see changes in myself.

PHYSICALLY, I am becoming far from the image I once was. My skin has sagged and wrinkles in my face come forth. My hair falls from the thickness it has once been. My skin is not as flawless, with scars and burns  - and my physique?  Not as pumped as how I always wanted it to be.

I am losing my color. I don't look good and I look restless, tired and used. NOT ENTICING anymore; my youth is fading slowly.

However, what has evolved farther than how I look from the outside is the countenance I have below skin deep.

EMOTIONALLY, I have passed obstacles that only few have already succeeded at as victors. I have solved problems that only wise men could. I have met trials few have triumphed over and I have surpassed fears and defeat and misfortunes that others haven’t been able to.

I am strong willed, determined and brave. That empowers me to serve an undying battle against the raging forces of cruelty and mishap. I will travel where no man has set forth and I will reap the treasures that only my eyes have sought.

For I have found the key to survival. It is not richness, extravagance, glamour and fine things but it is contentment and simplicity. What you have will bring you the simplest joys, the best jokes, the purest love, powerful wisdom and mighty fortitude.

If we see the peace in ourselves that is the way to be truly happy. Acceptance of yourself will make you reach the best potential that you can ever have.

And I will live on, crossing the deepest ocean, conquering the highest of the heavens and not dwell in the solitude of the shadows and despair.

My words are with you. Keep the faith and never give up. God listens and he will heal us if we don’t fail ourselves.