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  • Strong on the outside, safe on the inside
  • Canada, the rudderless ship
  • Guinea pigs
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  • Canada, the rudderless ship

    Canada, the rudderless ship

    Despite sea changes in treatment and prevention opportunities, Canada’s response to HIV is mired in the status quo, says Bob Leahy. And with no National AIDS Strategy, Canada is falling behind other poorer nations climbing their way out of the epidemic
  • Guinea pigs

    Guinea pigs

    What do we know about long term side effects? Michael Yoder is switching up HIV treatment and says people with HIV have been guinea pigs since the bad old days of AZT monotherapy and we continue to be lab rats today
  • Recreational drugs and adherence

    Recreational drugs and adherence

    From aidsmap, a report on research that suggests many people living with HIV intentionally miss doses of their HIV treatment when they use recreational drugs or drink alcohol because of concerns about interactions