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  • How we expect when we’re expecting
  • Why style over substance doesn’t really work when It comes to ads about HIV
  • Shame, shame, shame
  • His story
  • Coming out with HIV! Are you sure?
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  • Shame, shame, shame

    Shame, shame, shame

    Guest writer Shazia Islam with a report on self-help workshops that are empowering HIV/AIDS service volunteers at Toronto PWA Foundation
  • His story

    His story

    What happens when you become resistant to all HIV medications like the long term survivor profiled in this POZ story.
  • Rainbow-Coloured  Smoke

    Rainbow-Coloured Smoke

    Bob Leahy has been looking at smoking in the HIV community, but rates are high in the LGBT community too, which in turn drives HIV smoking prevalence. Today he asks what drives the LGBT smoking epidemic – and who is pulling the strings?